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How many years have you been in business?
We are proud to say we have been established in business for 60 years.

Why sell your diamond to Imperial?
We are highly regarded in the Jewelry Trade for honesty. WE WANT YOUR DIAMOND and will pay the most to buy it!

How does Imperial differ from other jewelers and pawn shops?
We have the financial resources to buy valuable diamonds as well as signature collections of jewelry. Our contacts with collectors and high end jewelers across U.S. and Worldwide enable us to pay more.

How do you decide what you will pay for our Diamond?
We will educate you throughout the process as to all the factors determining Diamond value, GIA nomenclature terms etc. We will be transparent, and help you make an intelligent decision, whatever you decide.

Can you evaluate our jewelry based on our description, photos and appraisals via Email or Telephone?
Yes. If the Diamonds are Certified and the photos and appraisals are accurate.

Do you buy old cuts, old mine diamonds, damaged and imperfect diamonds?
Yes. We buy all of these, all shapes, as long as they are 1 carat and larger.

How will we receive payment?
You will receive immediate payment, check, cash, or wire transfer to your bank.

Will you accept our diamonds and jewelry in trade?
Yes. We will grant liberal trade in value toward new jewelry items.

Can you explain a bit more about “cut, color and clarity”. What are some key things that I need to know about diamonds?
Take a look at these educational photos for the basics. I am always happy to answer any questions that you have. Please contact Imperial!

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Hours of Business:

Monday - Friday: 10am – 5pm
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Imperial Jewelry Co.

  • We are an accredited client of the GIA Diamond Laboratory.
  • If we can’t buy your diamond, we can remount it in a new beautiful design.
  • We will submit several custom design options for your selection.
  • We also offer a very large selection of Certified Diamonds at DEEP DISCOUNT.


  • Old gold, platinum and scrap jewelry. We pay the most for precious metal value, due to our ability to repair and recycle worthwhile pieces.
  • Coins. We buy numismatic coins, U.S. and foreign. We make a market, in, buy and sell, Bullion Coins, Gold, Silver and Platinum.
  • Sterling and Flatware.