We Go Beyond Gold Buying

Imperial Jewelry Co. offers more than just gold buying. As a full-service fine jewelry provider in Pittsburgh, we conduct insurance appraisals, assist with custom designs, and can source unique pieces specifically for you.

Understanding Jewelry Appraisals

An appraisal is a report that details your jewelry’s value. It outlines the type, quality, and setting of stones, like a detailed fingerprint.

Table with jewelry examining equipment

Appraisals are helpful for:


Get the coverage you deserve. An appraisal ensures your jewelry has the right insurance amount in case of loss, theft, or damage.

Estate Planning

Smooth the process for your loved ones. Appraisals help with estate planning and tax calculations when needed.

Selling Smart

A written appraisal contains pictures and detailed information about your piece and paperwork you can use for obtaining insurance. Values are based on being able to walk into any retail jewelry store with a check from your insurance company.

Table with jewelry examining equipment

Market vs. Insurance Appraisals:

Know the Difference

A Market appraisal is a fair assessment and examination of the piece and is based on current selling and sold items. A market (free) appraisal can be quicker and can include an offer to purchase the examined piece.

Insurance appraisals focus on replacement costs. Insurance with paperwork and pictures are available for a $75 fee.

Tailored and Transparent

Whether you need insurance coverage or just want to know your jewelry’s value, our appraisals are thorough, easy to understand, and meet your specific needs. Our experienced appraiser will explain everything, so you understand the details and what it means for you.

If you need an insurance appraisal in Pittsburgh or just want to know what your jewelry is worth, Imperial Jewelry Co. appraisals are clear and tailored to your needs. Call us or schedule an appointment for professional and friendly service that prioritizes your satisfaction.